Sunday, July 29, 2012

HVAC Water Chillers Quiz # 3

Following MCQs practice Quiz is related to ,HVAC ,absorption cooling chillers (single effect and double effect) and Lithium Bromide Chillers.

(See here HVAC quiz # 1   HVAC Quiz # 2 )


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  1. Temperature ______when water is absorbed in lithium bromide solution

  2. Does not change
    none of these
  3. Which of following component shares common pressure with low pressure generator

  4. generator
  5. Absorbent capacity increases when temperature of solution

  6. Increases
    remains unchanged
    All of above
  7. In ammonia-water system, ammonia is_____ and water is ______.

  8. refrigerant,absorbent
    both refrigerant
    none of these
  9. In lithium bromide-water system, lithium bromide is_____ and water is ______.

  10. refrigerant,absorbent
    both refrigerant
    none of these
  11. Crystallization in lithium bromide chillers is more likey

  12. at lower concenrtation
    at higher concentartion
    in condenser
    none of these
  13. When crystallization occurs in lithium bromide chillers

  14. chilled water temp decreases further
    chilled water temp increases
    no effect on working
    none of above
  15. In lithium bromide chillers ,crystallization is most likely to occur in

  16. evaporator
    LT hX
    HT Hx
  17. In lithium bromide chillers when crystallization occurs,

  18. crystalls of refrigerant are formed
    crystalls of absorbent are formed
    refrigerant becomes ice
    None of these
  19. 4 components of absorption chiller are

  20. evaporator,condenser,generator and absorber
    evaporator,compressor,condenser,expansion valve
    evaporator,condenser,generator and compressor
    More than one statement is true
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