Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HVAC Quiz # 2

Following MCQs practice Quiz is related to ,HVAC ,absorption cooling chillers (single effect and double effect)and Lithium Bromide Chillers.

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HVAC Water Chillers Quiz # 2      (See here HVAC quiz # 1)

hvac quiz
  1. A generator in absorption system heats the solution to

  2. separate the refrigerant
    extract strong solution for recycle
    vaporize absorbent
    Both a & b

  3. Absorbent (Lithium bromide) cycles through ____.

  4. Evaporator and absorber
    Absorber and generator
    Condenser & evaporator
    All of above

  5. At the low pressure evaporator condition, the solution can absorb additional refrigerant if it

  6. Compressed

  7. In an absorption system, refrigerant

  8. Cycles only between condenser and evaporator
    is all time absorbed in the solution throughout the cycle
    is most diluted on leaving the absorber
    provides cooling in the evaporator

  9. When leaving the generator, refrigerant vapors travel to_____and solution travels to_____.

  10. Condenser, absorber
    Condenser, evaporator
    None of above

  11. One of main uses of absorption chillers-heaters is to provide ______

  12. Chilled water only
    Chilled & hot water
    hot water only
    none of above

  13. Air ingress in absorption chillers,

  14. increases the vacuum
    increases the pressure
    has no effect
    all of above

  15. Absorption chillers operate at

  16. High vacuum
    Normal temp & Press
    Positive press
    All of above

  17. Double effect absorption machines have

  18. one generator & one evaporator
    two condensers
    two generators & one evaporator
    none of

  19. Non-condensable gases in the system ____ the system pressure and _______system capacity.

  20. decrease, increase
    Increase, decrease
    do not affect
    none of these

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