Saturday, June 30, 2012

HVAC Quiz # 1

HVAC practice test

Following Quiz is related to ,HVAC ,vapor absorption cycle (single effect and double effect)and Lithium Bromide Chillers.

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  1. Expansion device in refrigeration machines is also sometimes called

  2. Condenser
    Throttle valve

  3. Solution in absorption chiller consists of

  4. Refrigerant only
    Rrefrigerant and water
    Refrigerant & absorbent
    None of above

  5. Heat in the lithium bromide chiller generator releases_________ from solution.

  6. refrigerant vapors
    water (in liquid form)
    absorbent vapors
    None of them

  7. The maximum refrigerant vapors from evaporator are absorbed in the absorbent in the ___ .

  8. Evaporator
    Heat exchanger

  9. A solution with relatively high % of absorbent and relatively low % of refrigerant is called

  10. Weak solution
    Strong solution

  11. A solution with relatively low % of absorbent and relatively high % of refrigerant is called

  12. Weak solution
    Dilute solution
    both A & B
    None of above

  13. Generator in single effect absorption chiller receives strong solution from

  14. Evaporator
    LT/HT hx
    invalid question

  15. In the absorption process, refrigerant (water) is absorbed into a(n) _____

  16. absorbent
    solution in absorber
    strong solution
    All of above

  17. Common heat sources for absorption system generator are________.

  18. Steam
    Hot water
    All of above

  19. Conversion of the strong solution into solid or slushy mass is called

  20. Condensation

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