Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stop Check Valve

What is a Stop Check Valve?

A stop check valve combines the features of both lift check valve and  globe valve. Opening and closing of stop check valve is essentially similar to lift check valve and globe type valve respectively.

How does a stop Check Valve work ?

Stop check valve has stem which, when closed, stops  the disk from coming off the seat and provides a tight seal preventing flow of fluid across it.This tight sealing of stop check valve is similar to globe valve.

stop check valve

When the stem is operated to the open position, the valve operates as a lift check valve. The stem is not connected to the disk and functions to close the valve tightly or to limit the travel of the check valve disk in the open direction.

Stop check valve drawing must also be taken from supplier to have complete understanding of valves parts .Stop check valve drawing also helps HVAC engineers during the maintenance of valves.
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