Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Piston Check Valve

What is a Piston Check Valve?

A piston check valve is self actuated ,one way valve,essentially a lift type check valve which allows flow in one direction only.This valve is also Non-return Valve (NRV).

Construction and Operation of Piston Check Valve

Construction of the seat and disk of a piston check valve is the same as for lift check valves. Main component of piston check valve is its dashpot. Dashpot of piston check valve consists of a piston and cylinder that provides a cushioning effect during operation. As the design of piston check valve is similar to lift check valve, the flow characteristics through a piston check valve are also same as through a lift check valve. Installation of this NRV(non-return valve) is the same as for a lift check in that the flow must enter from under the valve seat.
Piston check valve

Piston check valve dimensions must be in accordance with the application or location of use of valve.Piston check valve drawing must also be taken from supplier to have complete understanding of valves parts .Piston check valve drawing also helps HVAC engineers during the maintenance of valves.

Application/Use of Piston Check Valve

Piston Check valves are used in applications of water, steam, and air (compressible fluid). Piston check valves are used basically in combination with globe valves and angle valves in piping systems hence experiencing a number of changes in flow direction of fluid.

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